Oxymel Gift Pack


Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey & Herbs

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What is an oxymel?  It’s a formula made with vinegar and honey as the base.  It’s been used in apothecaries since the age of Hippocrates.  The benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey enhance each other, and when herbs are added, the ingredients work together synergistically to bring balance and wellness.  These 3 oxymels support immunity, while also helping to bring overall balance.  Each preparation has its specialty, and packaged together they make a great gift for the health enthusiast.  They’re also great as salad dressings or marinades.  See individual products for more information on each:

Autumn Oxymel Tonic

Winter Wellness Tonic

Fire Cider


**These products are not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat disease.  Consult your practitioner if you have a serious condition or are on medication.