Herbal Wellness Consultations

Need some extra support on your wellness journey?  You can schedule a one-on-one in-person (Eureka, CA) OR online (via video call) Herbal Wellness Consultation with clinical herbalist Yemaya Kimmel.  

Learn how to get your vitality back naturally, using evidence-based and traditional herbal therapies, whole foods nutrition, lifestyle changes, and general wellness coaching.

Yemaya's areas of expertise include digestive wellness, nervous system complaints (including anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, etc.), reproductive wellness (including menstrual & fertility issues), immune support, and more.  

With a passion for healing plants and over 20 years experience in botanical therapeutics, Yemaya will guide, support, and empower you to take the next steps on your path to greater wellness.

High Vibrational Botanicals 

If you are looking for high vibrational, handcrafted herbal products to nurture and support you on your wellness journey, you've come to the right place! 

 We start with the freshest garden grown, ethically wildcrafted, or locally sourced herbs and use organic ingredients whenever possible.  Then each preparation is carefully crafted in small batches with love.  

Our offerings consist of several essential year round formulas, as well as our seasonal special edition featured products.  New botanical creations are constantly being added, resulting in a vibrant, everchanging inventory to celebrate each unique season. 

Want an individualized formula that's made to order?  Contact us!

We offer free shipping anywhere in the US on orders of $35 or more.

Green Blessings!