Lavender Infused Oil


Relaxing Massage Oil

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INGREDIENTS: fresh Lavender flowers (Lavendula augustifolia), organic olive oil

2 oz bottle

Treat yourself to some relaxing me time with Lavender infused oil. THIS IS NOT AN ESSENTIAL OIL! It is made by infusing lavender flowers into olive oil, which uses much less plant matter than an essential oil. This means infused oils are better for the environment and also safer than concentrated essential oils. It is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, but does not need to be diluted.

Lavender is known for its abilities to strengthen and nourish the nervous system. It brings peace and balance while dispelling tension and stress. It is cleansing, both physically and energetically.

There are so many possible uses for Lavender Infused Oil. To name just a few:
-This oil is wonderful in the bath (Caution-tub will be slippery!) to help relax little and big folks into a bedtime routine.
-can be rubbed onto temples and back of the neck to help ease tension headaches.
-It can be rubbed on the belly or back to help with premenstrual tension and cramps.
-Lavender’s moisturizing qualities make it a good choice to use on dry skin or eczema.
-Its inflammation modulating properties can assist with joint support, especially if used morning and evening.
-Lavender makes a fabulous massage oil! It can be used on the whole body, feet, and/or scalp to relax the individual and clear the energy.

NOTE: Infused oils are delicate! Keep this oil out of the sun and use it often. Use within 6 months.


**This product is not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat disease. Consult your practitioner if you have a serious condition or are on medication.

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