Winter Wellness, Cold & Flu Season, and Herbal Gift Giving

We are now entering into late Autumn. With the coming of November, some of us are turning our thoughts toward hearth fires, good food, the smell of pumpkin pie or mulled cider, and the coming holiday season. We also start to think about wintertime wellness, and may be wondering how best to support our immune …

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A Day In The Life: Using Herbs for Wellness and Fun

My Personal Self Care Herbal Wellness Routine for Summertime (a product roundup from the shop): Hi all, A few folks have been asking me about ways to incorporate the use of herbs in their everyday lives. So I figured sharing my personal herbal protocols on the blog would be a good idea. Since my regimen …

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Spring Featured Products

Cleavers Vinegar Organic apple cider vinegar infused with Cleavers (Galium aparine). Cleavers helps to support the lymphatic system and so it is a great Spring Tonic. Also supports the urinary system as well. For a Spring Tonic Deluxe, mix with my Dandelion vinegar. Can be taken in tablespoon doses 3 times daily or used any …

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