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Cleavers Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar infused with Cleavers (Galium aparine). Cleavers helps to support the lymphatic system and so it is a great Spring Tonic. Also supports the urinary system as well. For a Spring Tonic Deluxe, mix with my Dandelion vinegar. Can be taken in tablespoon doses 3 times daily or used any way you would use vinegar.

Dandelion Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar infused with the root and leaves of wild dandelions. Dandelions support virtually all systems of the body, especially the liver and digestive systems. It’s great as a digestive bitter taken before meals, or it can be used any way you’d use vinegar-salads, marinades, etc. I like to take a teaspoon twice a day as a general Spring tonic.

Undam the Waters (NEW!)

This is a tincture to help ease water retention. This can look like puffy eyes, puffy tender joints or belly, clothing that sometimes fits and sometimes doesn’t, the ring on your finger that’s tight all of a sudden,etc. The combination of cleavers and dandelion has a gentle way of acting to support the body to release excess fluid. It also helps to bring balance to the lymphatic system, liver, and digestive system and is a great choice for an overall Spring Tonic.

May Queen Body Cream
(My personal favorite!)

Luxuriate Queen of May style! Feel like the Feral Spring Goddess you are with May Queen body cream. May is the height of the season for violets and nettles, 2 nourishing plants that not only symbolize the beauty of Spring, but support natural beauty as well. Slather on after bath or shower and enjoy! Refrigeration recommended but not required.

If you want something and don’t see it, please ask me, I’m happy to customize an order if I’m able to.

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Blessings and Happy Spring!

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