Wildfire Lung Support Tea


Respiratory Trophorestorative Formula

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INGREDIENTS: mullein lf (Verbascum thapsus), plantain lf (Plantago lanceolata), marshmallow lf &/or rt (Althea officinalis), hibiscus flwrs, spearmint

It’s wildfire season. Some years are worse then others, but every year from about the end of July until sometime in October, wildfires are a serious concern in the western US. The stress of worrying about one’s life, home, and family, possible evacuation, and breathing in smoke can take a huge toll on our health.

This tea was specifically formulated to support the respiratory system during times of breathing in smoky air. Mullein, plantain, and marshmallow help to moisten, nourish, and restore respiratory tissue, while hibiscus and mint help the body to stay cool and hydrated.

This tea can be prepared hot and enjoyed as is, or put it in the fridge and serve with ice if you prefer. It also works well as a sun tea (steeped in the sun for several hours) or cold infusion (steeped in cold water for several hours).

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